Reiki Master Level

Reiki Master Level initiates an even greater progression of the skills learned in Level 2. The Master Level attunement heightens spiritual input for clarification and healing. The symbol added at this level is the key to the subconscious mind and unlocks inner awareness and emotions.

As with Levels 1 & 2, it's important to remember that everyone is capable of exchanging and even running energy. However, without proper training, we are running our own energy, not Reiki (Divine Energy). When running our own energy, we often feel depleted, achy, sickly, emotional, and "hung-over." Also, we can "take on" others' pain an issues. Likewise, anyone can learn the symbols. However, without proper training, they mean nothing.

Very often, the Master Level is taught and learned in conjunction with Master/Teacher. However, if you do not wish to teach, Master Level can be taken without the Teacher Level.

The designation earned at this level is Certified Reiki Master (CRM).

In the Master Level class, you will learn:

  • Reiki Symbol 4
  • How to Draw, Explain, and Use all 4 Symbols

The Master Level class is one-on-one. The attunement and class are all accomplished in one session. The attunement/class session will last approxiamtely 90 minutes.

The class consists of the following:

  • Attunement/Class
  • All Course Materials*
  • Certificate of Completion**


*Though there are a number of books commercially available for purchase (see Aquarius Books & Gifts), no additional materials are required.

**Per current State of Oregon Board of Massage Therapists guidelines, ALSC Reiki courses may qualify for Licensed Massage Therapist Continuing Education Credit. Reiki Master Level is a 1.5-hour course.

Suggested Offering/Investment: $75.00 (all inclusive)