Reiki Teacher Level

Reiki Teacher Level is the final level of Reiki training. During the Teacher Level attunement process, the aura of the Master/Teacher and the participant are joined. The symbol added at this level allows the new Teacher to attune others to the various levels of Reiki, and to teach Reiki to others. Very often, this attunement leaves both the Master/Teacher and the participant with far more energy than they each had prior to the attunement.

As with all previous levels, it's important to remember that everyone is capable of exchanging and even running energy. However, without proper training, we are running our own energy, not Reiki (Divine Energy). When running our own energy, we often feel depleted, achy, sickly, emotional, and "hung-over." Also, we can "take on" others' pain an issues. Likewise, anyone can learn the symbols. However, without proper training, they mean nothing.

The designation earned at this level is Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (CRMT).

In the Teacher Level class, you will learn:

  • Reiki Symbol 5
  • How to Draw, Explain, and Use all 5 Symbols
  • How to teach all levels to others

The Teacher Level class is one-on-one. The attunement session is approximately 90 minutes. The class is three 2-hour sessions.

The class consists of the following:

  • Attunement - Invididual/Private 90 Minute Session
  • All Course Materials*
  • Class Itself - 3 Individual 2-hour Sessions**
  • Certificate of Completion


*Though there are a number of books commercially available for purchase (see Aquarius Books & Gifts), no additional materials are required.

**During each of these three sessions,you will give one attunement per session to the Master/Teacher: Level 1, Level 2, and Master/Teacher. The participant will also demonstrate proficiency in teaching from the course materials.

Suggested Offering/Investment: $400.00 (all inclusive)

If desired, one additional night can be added in which you will learn a Chakra Balancing and Clearing attunement. The suggested offering/investment for this additional night is $75.00.

Finally, if the Master and Teacher levels are taken congruently, the total investment is $450.00 ($525.00 with the Chakra Balancing and Clearing attunement).