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Universal One Church World Headquarters, Inc.

The Universal One Church World Headquarters, Inc. (ULOWH) is one of the world's largest non-denominational churches and is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Abundant Life Spiritual Center, Inc. (ALSC) is a Congregational Affiliate of the ULOWH. As a Congregational Affiliate, ALSC proudly donates a portion of its income to support the Universal One Church World Headquarters Mission, providing financial assistance to ministers in need worldwide.

The roots of the Universal One Church run deep and are steeped in tradition within the Christian Church. The word "Universal" itself by definition is synonymous with Christian or Catholic, originating from the Greek Language word katholikos. St Ignatius of Antioch is credited for the first known use of the Greek word katholikos meaning "universal" when describing the Church in his Letter to the Smyrnaeans in the year 107. This has led many scholars to conclude that the appellation Universal Church with its ecclesiastical connotation may have been in use as early as the last quarter of the 1st century.

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