Doubt: Just As I Am – Quote

Innocence, Gentleness, Peace

Doubt: Just As I Am – Introduction

Today we’re going to talk about something rarely talked about in church – Doubt. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the truth is, we all experience times of doubt from time to time. And because it’s not something usually talked about in church, we may wonder if it’s sinful or wrong to doubt. We may even ask ourselves, does God really accept me Just As I Am?

Spiritual Quote

Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.
~Miguel de Unamuno

Planned Scripture

  • John 6:28-29
  • Matthew 11:2-11
  • John 1:29-30
  • John 1:34
  • Romans 8:38-39
  • 2 Timothy 1:12
  • John 6:37

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