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Sophia Roe is a dynamo. Obvious looks aside, she is approachable, calls everyone angel, and is a classically trained chef with the scars on her arm to prove it. She even survived working in the kitchen of the notoriously perfection driven Eleven Madison Park and lived to tell the tale with a smile on her face. From our first meeting I realized she’s a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from the produce to the make-up aisle. She’s one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram because she provides a constant stream of humble wisdom in her live videos. Read on to hear about the wellness routine of this goddess.


Every day… The first thing I do upon waking is setting aside a solid 60 seconds to be thankful for a new day filled with new possibilities. When I was younger I spent so much time carrying over baggage from one day to the next. Over time that baggage adds up and can contribute to an unhealthy mental state. True wellness is never just a physical process. Mental wellness is really important to me, and also such an important part of overall wellness.

I also make sure that I take a solid 30-45 minutes every day to have a private, movement based meditation. I love a yoga class as much as the next person, but I’ve had the most incredible breakthrough moments with my body where I released tension brought on by a busy work schedule. I love doing this after work as that’s typically when I have the most mental and physical tension.

My favorite part of every day is the salad I have for lunch!! I am one of those people that never ever gets bored with salad. I have the exact same one ever single day composed of kale, shredded carrot, radish, cucumber, cilantro, green beans and red onion with a delicious tahini based dressing. It’s absolutely delicious and I could easily eat TWO a day!

Every week… My partner and I make it a MUST to have a date night. Usually it’s our favorite Thai spot — yeah, we could make it at home ourselves, but taking the time and making an intentional effort to go out solidifies the fact that it’s OUR time. We both have such busy schedules and because we are both in very creative, but starkly different fields, it’s also an amazing opportunity to see what he is up to while also shutting off the phones and just spending time with each other.

I make it a major point to hit the farmers market in Union Square every week. This is where I pick up all of my seasonal faves, talk to some of my local farmer friends, and also get inspired for what meals I want to make or what things I want to cover on my social media. This practice is very special to me, sometimes I spend over an hour at the market just looking, touching, and smelling the produce. It’s impossible to leave and not be inspired.

I LOVE DIY skincare! So every week I spend an evening, typically after my movement meditation, and make a face mask and hair mask from scratch. It’s a small but very conscious self-care thing I can do where even the process of making it feels so therapeutic. Right now my favorite mask (recipe below) is one that I can use on my hair and skin.

______ Sophia’s Skin and Hair Mask

1 whole avocado 2 tbsp ceremonial grade matcha 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp sweet almond oil 2 tbsp rose water 2 tbsp aloe vera gel

Combine all ingredients, saturate hair, and cover face. Leave on hair for up to an hour, and leave on face for 10-15 minutes


Every Month… I make it a monthly practice to go to acupuncture. I find myself almost giddy the day before, making a conscious effort to slow down and write down certain areas that have been bothering me physically. It’s an excellent way for me to reset every month.

I also make sure that I completely recalibrate and reorganize my closet and living space. My partner and I both work so much. So it’s actually become a really fun thing to take a random Sunday or even a day during the week and go through our things, donate things we no longer want or need, throw out all of those old papers/odds and ends away, and even change up our living arrangement. It’s a super fun way to mentally exhale.

Every Year… Every year I make it a priority to travel to a country or place. In 2016 I spent two months traveling through various countries in South Africa. The year after I spent an entire month in Portugal. This year I have a big trip to Japan planned because my grandmother is Japanese and I never got a chance to go while she was alive, so this trip means so much to me. I think stepping outside of your comfort zone is so important when it come wellness. So many of us hang out in areas of comfort and if we aren’t careful, can become complacent. I always experience the most growth on my wellness journey when I experiment, try new things, go to new places, etc. It’s my favorite way to learn.


Are you as in love with Sophia as we are? Yep. That’s what we thought. Stay tuned to see a lot more of her on the site, including this Sunday when we kick off our new recipe series, “The Essentials.” We listened to your feedback and completely revamped our approach to recipes and Sophia is going to help us navigate the kitchen for a few months. We are giddy about it and I’m sure you can see why.