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Our Communion Service is a combination of Traditional and Contemporary, somewhat informal,

and open to everyone who wishes to explore a deeper relationship with God.

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, and I was thirsty and you gave me drink.

I was a stranger and you took me in." (Matthew 25:25)


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We Are A Community of Spiritual Growth and Healing Where Everyone is Welcome!


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, Inc. is a Christian Church devoted to sharing God's Abundance in our lives. Through our faith in God, the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, and the love and teachings of Christ Jesus, we are dedicated to being a place of Love, Peace, Healing, Compassion, Acceptance, and Spiritual Growth.


In keeping with the Christian principle of ministering to everyone, people of all faiths who desire to strengthen their relationship with God, the Source of all Abundance, in a loving, supportive, peaceful environment are welcome to join us.


Are you looking for a place of worship where you truly feel welcome? Join us each Sunday for worship and fellowship. We are supportive, open, affirming, and accepting; and we welcome all of God's children to join with us as we come together in Spirit. We honor and respect all - without regard to race or color, male/female, straight/gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender, socio-economic status, etc. You are right and perfect in God's eyes, and in ours.


While living in California, I began a small Wedding Ministry as well as a Reiki Healing practice. During this time I worked in the corporate world as an Instructional Designer. Though I didn't know when or how, I knew then that God would someday provide the opportunity to fulfill the vision.


In February of 2009 I moved to Grants Pass, Oregon. It didn't take long to realize this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. What a wonderful community!


In April of 2011 I retired from my corporate career and began working toward opening the church. Through prayer and faith, God closed one door and opened another - and thus began the wonderful journey of making the dream come true. There's nothing like a good old pep-talk to give yourself the motivation you need to push through. But we all know those affirmations aren't something that happens overnight, right?


A quick side note, I'm not talking about saying how great your life is to your friends. We all do that because it gives us the peace of mind that we need to function in our daily lives. I'm talking about the real deal when you're all alone with yourself and your thoughts. When there's no one else around to give you a hug or an awkward pat on the shoulder.


The reason people tell themselves they can't do something is because subconsciously they're putting limitations on what is possible. If you say that you can't afford that book, guess what? You won't be able to afford that book until you change your perception of reality. Change the word "can't" for "don't want to". It's all about changing perspective and how you think!


And that's where manifestation affirmations come in! You will need to say all of these to yourself every day, multiple times a day. It may take some time to get used to, and it can be difficult at first, but I assure you- with practice and patience this is how you make things happen.


1). I can do it, and I will do it.

2). I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.

3). Everything is possible for me now.

4). I choose how I want to feel about everything.

5). I permit myself to be happy

6). I am grateful for what I have now.

7). I deserve to be happy and fulfilled now.

8). Every day is a new beginning and I start it in the right mindset.

9). Everything I want is coming my way now, even if it's in another form.

10). I attract money easily and effortlessly now.

11). Today is filled with abundance, joy, laughter, love- whatever I want!

12). I am brilliant at manifesting what I want into my life.


manifestation affirmations



And that's it! Once you get the hang of these things down, you can move on to something else that will help you manifest. That thing is the law of attraction. I'm not going to give away everything here, as I don't want them all over my blog. You'll find more information on the l law of attraction in my other posts if you look! :)


You can use manifestation affirmations in many different ways to bring your goals to reality. Some people use them in yoga, meditation, or journaling. Others say them aloud several times throughout the day. Whatever you choose to use, making sure to make the affirmation as real and as specific as possible will greatly help your manifestation efforts. If you have trouble finding a way to incorporate your affirmations into your daily life is a good first step.


Affirmations should be written in the present tense and start with the word, "I am." They should also be short and include an action-word ending in -ing. It is also important to make the affirmations believable, which will allow you to feel positive. When writing the words, remember to use words that will trigger positive emotions. This will help you keep the focus on what you want and increase your chances of success.


Affirmations can help you change your internal beliefs and attract what you want into your life. You may be thinking that the Law of Attraction is not working for you, but you can still use this process to attract what you want. You can create a list of 15 to 30 positive affirmations that you repeat over again. It is best to have about ten affirmations that resonate with you. The more positive your affirmations are, the more likely they are to manifest in your life.


Affirmations that create an abundant mindset are effective because they shift deeply held beliefs. When people think about these affirmations, they tend to feel good. The positive emotions evoked by the words are often the first step in the process. Then, they begin to believe that they can have what they desire. Then, they get their desired outcomes. As a result, their desires become reality. So, how do you get more success with manifestation?


The most effective way to manifest money is to follow your intuition. When you are certain about what you want, you can ask the Universe for it. The Universe will help you find the right path to your desires. Affirmations can also be used as a way to create positive energy in the home. By focusing on the positive energy, you will be able to create the money you need. If you believe in the power of your thoughts, you can achieve your dreams.


Affirmations are a great way to manifest your desires. Affirmations can help you overcome fears that limit your progress. When you think about money in the right way, you will manifest the money you want. Affirmations can help you create a positive mindset. They can improve your self-esteem. When you use them correctly, they can help you get rid of negative emotions. You can create new feelings by using affirmations to enhance your inner beliefs.


Affirmations are an excellent way to manifest what you want. By using them, you can shift your thoughts and beliefs about money and your dreams. They can help you become more confident and open to opportunities. As you use manifestation affirmations, you will feel more positive about your desires. You will experience a greater sense of fulfillment. If you are serious about manifesting your dreams, you can take action by following your intuition. But you must be patient and persistent. It will take time.


Manifestation affirmations can help you focus on your desires. They can also help you sleep. When you meditate, close your eyes and repeat your affirmations. While you're relaxing, try to picture your desires manifesting. Then, you'll be more likely to succeed in manifesting your dreams. So, make the most of this practice! You'll soon realize that it works! And don't let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful if you don't like yourself.


You'll soon see that your desire is real and you will be able to fulfill it. You'll have the money you need. Affirmations will help you get started. Affirmations will help you make manifesting your wishes easier. So, you'll have more success in your life! With the power of the law of attraction, you'll be able to attract what you really want. You'll be amazed at what it's possible when you practice it.