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Super soft monochrome decor melts over these two luxe modern home interiors, creating mellow tranquillity. Each of these home interiors are furnished with made-to-measure cabinetry that fits flush and builds a look of luxe. Elegant metallic accents lift the warm, creamy backdrop of these home designs, adding rich lustre that polishes room layouts with a sense of quality. Large modern lighting installations are used to sculpt shape and create unique styling, often acting as the main focal point for the space. From oversized and unusual pendant light designs, to eye-catching modern floor lamps, and contemporary wall sconces, there’s inspiration here to set your interior aglow.

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  • Visualizer: Ivan Stoyka
Shades of milky white smooth over our first soft monochrome decor scheme, creating a peaceful minimalist living space. The light, tonal arrangement lets the eye and the mind rest, whilst textural elements ensure that the design does not fall flat.

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LED strips are situated around the perimeter of the whote room, where they create a glow from the ceiling line and floor seam.

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At night, the slices of fresh white LED illumination can switch into dark mode, burning an atmospheric flame orange.

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A modern sofa design cosily embraces the edge of the open plan lounge area, pulling snugly around the edge of a ​​solid stone rustic coffee table.

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The woven living room rug adds a deeply inviting textural appeal. The chunky rug works to define the outline of the sitting area, clearly distinguishing it from the neighbouring kitchen and dining space.

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Flat-fronted, handle-free white kitchen cabinets fade quietly into the back of the room. A beautiful beige stone backsplash cuts through the centre of the kitchen run, where it’s lit by the warm radiance of undercabinet lights.

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A unique modern floor lamp echoes the golden glow of light at the opposite side of the living room. Its light dances magically across a stunning metallic feature wall.

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The reflective golden panels crown a linear fireplace, where open flames flicker brightly across a floating stone hearth.

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The vertical lines of texture in the fireplace are complemented by wood slatted screens at the large windows of the living room.

  • 11 |
A female figurine adds a decorative touch to the top of a stack of coffee table books. An incense burner fills the room with soothing scents.

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The wood slatted window shutters gently diffuse the daylight that washes through the expanse of floor to ceiling glass.

  • 13 |
Sunlight and flame from the fire reflect upon the playful curves of a champagne gold Balloon dog by Jeff Koons.

  • 14 |
The balloon dog statue fetches a moment of fun character to the sophisticated living room plan, and cheerfully rounds out a small reading area by the window.

  • 15 |
A papasan chair extends an irresistible invitation to come sit, with its deeply cushioned curved seat and plush upholstery.

  • 16 |
Wood grain flooring is laid with seams matching, adhering to a tiled effect.

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The lounge area is separated from the back wall of kitchen units by a luxurious kitchen island that doubles as a dining bar. Three chic modern kitchen bar stools line up along the stone countertop, which wraps the edges of the unit in a waterfall effect. A fluted panel clads the front of the kitchen island, in mirror image to the fireplace at the other side of the room.

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Two huge, unique kitchen pendant lights are suspended above the dining island at slightly different lengths. The effect is sculptural and mesmerising by its scale.

  • 19 |
White kitchen appliances, accessories and fixtures meld cleanly into the light kitchen installation.

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  • Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects
The second of our soft monochrome interior designs has a creamy concrete backdrop, subtly lit with warm white perimeter lights. A piece of 3D relief artwork depicts fashionable arch motifs behind a colour coordinated L-shaped sectional sofa. A racetrack-shaped coffee table and a modern floor lamp visually weight the light decor scheme with matt black anchors.

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A curvaceous sofa table wraps the back of the sofa, where its mirrored top reflects daylight from the patio doors. Black wood effect units are built-in around the TV and fireplace to create a bespoke focal wall.

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A chic living room chair completes the stylish lounge furniture arrangement. A light grey area rug softens the seamless grey microcement floor.

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Black window blinds complement the darker accents in the room. A floor to ceiling picture window interrupts the white rendered wall with an uplifting glimpse of the green garden and its plantlife.

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A fabulous contemporary dining room chandelier sketches a fiery line of undulating light above the modern black dining set.

  • 25 |
A 3D relief polyptych makes an intriguing background for the formal dining area, whilst its light colourway prevents it from challenging the statement chandelier.

  • 26 |
Upholstered modern dining chairs are comfortable enough to extend dinner into drinks and talking long into the evening.

  • 27 |
The kitchen is a light wood design with glossy black integrated appliances.

  • 28 |
A white marble dining table is integrated into the kitchen island.

  • 29 |
A wine storage unit is tagged onto the end of the kitchen run, conveniently positioned to serve the dining spot.

  • 30 |
Champagne gold and white dining chairs crisply accompany the sleek dining table.

  • 31 |
White marble countertops match the dining table to create a smooth cohesive finish across the entire kitchen diner space.

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The luxurious kitchen design boasts two sink units, one by the oven and one in the kitchen island beside the hob.

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A winding staircase ascends through the house. Solid wood effect balustrades edge the climb, whereas glass balustrades open up the landings to the light.

  • 34 |
A double height window towers all the way to the top of the void.

  • 35 |
Linear wall lights illuminate the journey to the top of the staircase. A modern chandelier tumbles from the ceiling above, like great straps of gold.

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The flooring upstairs is oak plank, which warms the cool cream bedroom palette.

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Wood effect panels stripe an effective headboard wall treatment. A modern wall sconce provides reading light on one side of the bed, whilst an unusual bedroom pendant light shines down on the opposite bedside table.

  • 38 |
A designer swivel chair cuts an interesting silhouette at the home workspace in the bedroom.

  • 39 |
Curved walls sweep into the bedroom entryway, creating a grand entrance.

  • 40 |
The second bedroom inside the home is smaller. This time, a floating desk is set up alongside the upholstered bed.

  • 41 |
Two overlapping desk units are set against a headboard wall panel to engineer one linked entity.

  • 42 |
Panel boards create an area of decorative shading by the foot of the bed, mirroring the headboard panel.

  • 43 |
A luxurious dressing room is lined with made-to-measure wardrobes.

  • 44 |
Gold hardware and golden frames add a high-quality flourish to the built-in units.

  • 45 |
The single bedroom is a mesh between a guest room and a kids room, to suit all ages. Cutesy kids’ wall decor is swapped out in favour of elegant wall sconces.

  • 46 |
A trundle bed pulls out from underneath the single bed to accommodate another sleeper. See more inspiration for kids’ beds.

  • 47 |
A small platform marks a change in function of space into a kids play gym.

  • 48 |
Set at a perpendicular angle to the bed, a fluted cabinet forms a short room divider.

  • 49 |
On the opposite wall to the kids’ bed, a floating dressing table/desk protrudes from a wall of wardrobes. Here, a decorative vase gives the bedroom a more mature appearance.

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The bathroom is encased in swathes of stunning white marble. A gold racetrack-shaped bathroom mirror descends in front.

  • 51 |
A wall mounted modern vanity unit leaves the floor clear, which expands the sense of space in the room.

  • 52 |
The spacious shower enclosure is trimmed with gold framework that matches a gold shower head and valves. A black toiletries shelf runs across the back wall of the shower area, cutting a stark outline against the white marble wall.

  • 54 |
A grey accent wall smooths across the cistern concealment chamber.

  • 55 |
A narrow shelf holds cosmetics and soaps above the basins.

  • 56 |
The large tiles continue across the floor of the shower area, and repeat along the wet wall.

  • 57 |
A semi pedestal sink carries a bold column-like design that stops short of the floor.

  • 58 |
A backlit marble backsplash creates mood lighting in the powder room.

  • 59 |
In the home entryway, a wall of fitted storage cabinets floats a few inches above the floor, leaving a convenient nook in which to tuck shoes.

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