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Lilies and Burning Candles

Spiritual quotes can be found in the most interesting places: TV shows, Movies, Books, the Internet, etc. When we take a moment and reflect on the message or meaning of these spiritual quotes, they can have a profound impact in our lives, how we treat ourselves, and how we treat others.

My name is B. Alan Little. I am the Executive Director/Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Spiritual Center, Inc. After retiring from a 20+ year corporate career in April of 2011, I embarked on the wonderful journey of pursuing my ministry. I am so excited about the incredible ways the center will be able to assist others on their spiritual journey.

Reading spiritual quotes, and thinking about their meaning, can be a very uplifting part of everyone’s journey. Hence, this blog.

About the Blog

Each week I’ll be posting a spiritual or thought provoking quote. On Sunday, the quote will be the topic of the message in our worship services. Then, to give those who may not have the opportunity to join us for worship, following the service I’ll post a synopsis of the message.

At the center we offer many services, including Reiki Healing and Reiki Classes. The blog will also post interesting information and articles regarding Reiki, as well as other topics of interest.

Blog Etiquette

I welcome your comments and thoughts. And, of course, if any of the information in the blog resonates with you, I invite you to share it! There are, however, some do’s and don’ts.

Please be respectful in your comments. Even if you have a differing opinion about a certain subject, there are ways to express your opinions without being rude. Abundant Life Spiritual Center, Inc. is devoted to being a place of LovePeaceHealingCompassionAcceptance, and Spiritual Growth. Comments that are nasty, vulgar, rude, hateful, mean-spirited, and the like, will not be tolerated.

12 thoughts on “Spiritual Quotes

  1. Just checking things out. The red background makes that piece hard to read. Maybe bold black letters would show up better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lol see you tonight. L

    • Thanks for checking out the blog…Let’s talk about it more when we see each other. Happy to hear you’re coming tonight…see you then!

    • I’m so glad you and others were able to join the fun. And I truly hope it “takes off” and grows over time. It was nice to get together in a relaxed, informal way. You and the others are a genuine blessing in my life!

  2. I really enjoy our qroup and all the wonderful things we do together and meeting new people as they come and partake ..
    We love the Reiki class….Always look forward to seeing you….

    • I agree 100%. We have a wonderful group, and it’s beautiful to see it growing. I love the Reiki class, too – and hope others will take advantage of the opportunity to experience the benefits of Reiki, and to learn this incredible healing art themselves. Always great seeing you as well!

  3. Alan,,,,,you give us such wonderful messages each week at church….Last Sunday’s message was so inspiring to me….You have such a beautiful way of saying and expressing things… My whole soul in always in such “awe” when I listen to your beautiful & spirtiual words…..Have a wonderday day,,,,and I will see you on Saturday at the Parade…..

    • Wow, Marsha – thank you so much! I truly feel our “little group” is wonderfully blessed…not by or through me, but by and through God. I’m so thankful for the community of faith and friendship we are building. See you on Saturday 🙂

  4. I have been very inspired by the wonderful messages that Alan has blessed us with
    on Sundays,,, I felt the presence of Holy Spirit with us.
    God is good all the time ,,,,all the time God is good !!
    . !

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